"This program saved my life. I can't tell you how depressed and sad I was when my cat lulu died. She had been part of my life for 13 years and the decision to Euthanize her literally broke my heart. The tapping scripts in this program really deliver results. I am thrilled with the profound effects this program has had in all areas of my life." ~~ S.L


"I purchased this program for a friend whose dog had passed on. My friend had been grieving over her pet for quite sometime and I felt this program would help her heal and recover. I wasn't sure she would use it but she loved it! The tears have dried up along with the sadness and depression. The guided visualization connecting with her dog on the spiritual plane was her favorite part." ~~ P.T.



"What you are doing is so wonderful and powerful. It's helped me recover from the loss of my dog china and I know it's helping many other people as well." ~~ K.J.


"I was so relieved to find this website and program. Working through the video tapping scripts has helped me release all the anger, sadness, tears, and guilt over needing to put my pet to sleep. I can't imagine where I'd be with out Pet Grief Relief." ~~ C.J. 


"Finding pet grief relief was a huge surprise. I had no idea there was a program like this for pet owners. My granddog passed away and my daughter was a mess. I purchased the video EFT program and we did it together. We laughed and cried and felt so much better. We loved doing the rainbow bridge visualization and seeing sweet paco so happy and at peace. Pet grief relief has been such a blessing. If you are on the fence about purchasing...don't be. It's well worth the time and investment for such fast, easy happy outcome." ~~ B.C.

"I purchased Pet Grief relief after my second pet passed away. Both of my pets passed on within a few months of each and I was Devastated. My heart was so broken over the loss, I could hardly function. After doing the 3 tapping scripts, it felt like the weight of world had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt like I could breathe again and could move out of a space of mourning into a space of celebrating my pets lives. I am so relieved and happy to have my life back and know my pets are well and happy on the spirit plane." ~~E.l.


"My wife and I purchased pet grief relief at the advise of our veterinarian. Our chronically ill German Shepard's health was declining and we were stressed out. The tapping script for stress around a sick or ailing pet helped us tremendously. As we became calmer, our dog also became calmer. We were able to focus more on celebrating our last weeks with our dog instead of focusing on the final outcome. When our dog transitioned, we were able to use the other 3 tapping scripts to work through all the grief and sadness. We are so glad there is a program like this for pet owners. It's been such a huge resource for us during a very difficult time in our lives. Pet grief relief helped us and it can help you too." ~~P.M