Say YES to emotional freedom from Pet Loss & Pet Grief

Any pet owner can use Pet Grief Relief to mend their broken heart, find relief, heal and recover from the emotional upset and chaos due to the death of pet because it allows you to tap into secret miracle healing frequencies of your own mind.

Pet grief / Pet loss is dynamic, often misunderstood and difficult to process. Pet Grief Relief helps pet owners through the end of life transition of their beloved pet by offering support, guidance and a clear step by step path to tap into their own healing power. We do this by using EFT tapping to open the door to release emotional muck, repeating thought patterns and memory trauma.

The fact that you are here reading this tells me you are supposed to be here and will be benefit greatly from the information I am sharing. That you are ready to commit and focus on healing this emotional upset and chaos.

Pet Grief Relief has helped Numerous pet owners all over the world (you can read about them here) who felt just like you do right now. Their grief is raw and real and expressed in a few of the following statements:

"to always keep him safe and protected. The sadness is so over-whelming and my heart is so heavy."

"I just lost my world. How in the world am I going to make it without him by my side all the time?"

"Hardest thing I have ever did, so hard to let go. Don’t think the pain will ever go away."

"Some days are okay but some days are very difficult, not one day goes by without me thinking about you."

"I am so broken and cannot imagine losing my little boy this way. I feel like I have failed him in my promise."

"She has left a very big hole in my heart, the sadness never fades."

"I'm absolutely devastated I can't believe I've had to go through it again I don't know if my heart being broke." 

"Words cannot express how heartbroken I am. She did not deserve it. I will miss her every day and it's not home without her."

"There has not been a day that I have not thought of him. He loved me unconditionally and was always by my side."

"It’s been 6 weeks since she passed, it still feels like it was yesterday. All I do is cry."

"It’s been months. Heart is still broken. Miss my big lad so much."

and on and on and on… If any of those statements resonate with you, then you are in the right place. Don’t continue to suffer needlessly in silence.

Pet Grief Relief will help you in as little as 15 minutes

·       Release emotional traumatic patterns

·       Instantly create a positive shift mentally and emotionally

·       Realign and rebalance your emotional grid

·       Creates these changes effortlessly and easily

·       Restore your peace of mind

Most people stay stuck in emotional upsets and chaos because they just don’t understand how dynamic pet grief is or how to move past it. Pet Grief Relief will help you move through this grief, heal and recover because it lays out a simple proven path to heal broken hearts, balance emotional upheaval, and most importantly tapping into your own mind power to do so.



Why Emotional Freedom Technique?

When your pet transitions, upset and chaos takes over. You fall into the pattern of grieving and despair losing your focus. This creates a cycle of reacting to whatever is happening around you causing you to feel helpless and hopeless. This emotional pattern becomes the crazy energy that shapes your day and life. You want something different but can’t seem to find the way or the answer.

The body brain connection is an amazing thing and can be rewired to shift the way we think about past experiences. You stimulate the memory and thus the physical response of the memory every time you tell or retell the story, even mentally, of your pet dying. EFT clears the memory pathways of how your mind holds onto traumatic memories by literally flipping the “off” switch of the energetic pathway in the brain.

EFT tapping works all the time. There is no need for discipline or to believe it works. Because it taps into your body and minds own healing abilities, it’s safe, fast, effective and affordable. Tapping can be used to clear any emotional upset and chaos in as little as a half hour. It can clear away lifetimes of emotional muck and clutter in a matter of a few sessions.

EFT is easy

When you release the emotional component of grief, it takes the physical symptoms with it as well. A shift in one area will create a shift in all other areas.

This transformative method will return your body to its natural state of ease and flow where you will feel more love, grace, joy, passion, peace and wisdom. You will feel empowered and better able to celebrate your pet’s life in the manner you desire and they deserve.

You are here because you feel stuck and dragged down by the circumstances going on around you. You are here because you are ready to take that next big step. The time is now. Embrace the transformative power of healing and recovery and tap your way into a powerful new life.

I’ve provided you with the exact blueprint to set yourself free and move into a new state of freedom and joy. Pet Grief Relief is the only program designed specifically for pet owners to restore harmony to your soul and household.

each of the pet grief relief programs contain three custom tapping scripts comprised of the most common thoughts and feelings associated with the death of your pet. The scripts work wonders and are also totally customizable to your unique experience. I know what works and have you given you the exact steps to use in a simple, clear and concise manner making it easy for you to follow and take action.

When I say I am here to help, I absolutely mean that.


Pet GRief Relief PROGRAMS

The perfect time to say yes to emotional freedom from sorrow and prolonged grief is now. We often believe holding onto pain, grief and emotional chaos is noble or the right thing to do. If we let go of the yucky, mucky emotions, then we are are forgetting our much loved pet or not honoring their memory. Unfortunately, this is just not true on any level. 

Think for a moment...

Who would you be with out the grief?

Without the guilt, sadness and emotional chaos?

Without the shame you could have done more or made a different choice for your pets care?

How would your life be different if you could think and feel differently about your pets end of life experience?

How would your day be different if you chose to celebrate the life of your pet instead of focusing on the pain they are not longer with you?

These feelings, thoughts, and emotions only work to keep you in a repeating pattern of feeling stuck and Dragged down, making you feel drained, tired and heavy. UGH! No more! Not only can you transform but you can do so almost instantly. EFT tapping gets rid of all the things stealing your energy and gives you the fastest, easiest and most transformative results. 

I can help you achieve these results and so much more.  I want you to succeed and tap into your own healing power. You can try to go it alone or perhaps you recognize you might need a little more help and guidance through this process. Let me help guide you through the healing process by taking advantage of my expertise and training. I've worked my magic to bring you a step by step process to help you release the things stopping you that can impact your life in dramatic ways and it's going to happen almost instantaneously.

I’ve used EFT tapping for years myself and shared it with customers and clients all over the planet to help them release chaotic emotions making them feel drained and hopeless. EFT tapping can reboot your energy meridians, making you feel more hopeful, energetic and at peace in all areas of your life.

I’d like you to join me and thousands of other pet owners to experience this fun, fast, affordable release technique. Pet Grief relief is going to work. But it will only work for you if you take the action. Do the work. Decide you want to feel better, decide you want to honor your pets memory and celebrate your time on the planet together.

I’ve created custom tapping scripts comprised of the most common thoughts and feelings associated with the death of your pet. The scripts work wonders and are also totally customizable to your unique experience. I know what works and have you given you the exact steps to use in a simple, clear and concise manner making it easy for you to follow and take action.

If you are tired of feeling like crap and want to get on the fast track to emotional freedom, These three programs are for you 

Pet Grief Relief PDF Download Program

Pet Grief Relief Audio and PDF Download Program

Pet Grief Relief Video and Transcript Download Program

I'm Kelly Catalano. a gifted spiritual teacher, master energy healer, LOAC Life Coach/ Prosperity Guide, Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner/ Instructor, & EFT specialist. 

I've spent the last 8 years of my life pursuing and learning many spiritual modalities and there is no one I'd rather share my knowledge and expertise with than you. I am really devoted to being a healer, helper, and a support system to not only you but for the millions of other pet owners around the world. 

All my skills and training have given me the knowledge to create a unique healing program that lays out a step by step blueprint paving the way for exponential healing in all areas of your life.

I love what I do and I am passionate about helping you achieve the love and support you need during your beloved pet's transition to spirit. I've spent years cultivating my energy healing skills and will guide you back to the path of healing, relief, and recovery allowing you to celebrate your pets memory from a place of joy and gratitude.