Chloe's Story


Chloe marie catalano.....

Several years ago, our 8-year-old Italian Greyhound, Chloe became ill and consequently passed away. This was all a very sudden, shocking, grief and guilt ridden experience. It was two very short weeks from the time of diagnosis to the digression of our dog’s health and well-being.

Since our beloved pet’s diagnosis was terminal, our choices for her care were very limited. We could either let her suffer and pass away (who knows how long that would take) or choose to put her to sleep. After many tears, sleepless night and the very fast deterioration of our pet’s health, we decided the humane choice end her suffering as soon as possible. 

Chloe Marie Catalano - Italian Greyhound

This was new unchartered territory for our family. My husband and I were a mess. We couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and could barely function at our jobs. Our vet’s office was so busy, we had to schedule an appointment for our dog to die adding to the trauma and further prolonging everyone’s suffering.

I would love to say Chloe didn’t know what was happening but I honestly feel she knew her time on the physical plane was coming to an end. We tried our best to comfort her, ourselves, and our children during our last few days together but the grief and shock over having to make these decision was growing exponentially.

We had decided to be with our pet when she passed which left us both emotionally scarred. We could not keep from playing out the scenario over and over in our minds. It was on a repeating horror real. We cried rivers of tears whose supply seemed never ending. The guilt, sadness, depression, shock, anger, fear, horror, regret and loneliness of the situation felt like the vastness of space. The grief was so enormous, it threatened to swallow us up. We weren’t sure we were going to survive it.

6 weeks into our emotional rollercoaster ride, we were becoming desperate for some type of grief relief. At this point the sadness had become this huge black hole and was sucking everything into it. Something had to give, the tears had to stop. Who was going to have the answer and provide the solution? Why Google of course.

Searching for something, anything around pet grief, I stumbled upon a YouTube video on grief of a loved one passing. At this point we had nothing to lose so we sat with tissue in hand, computer on our laps and tapped along with the video. Having used EFT for countless other emotional issues, we were hopeful it would help us get off the hamster wheel of detrimental emotional turmoil.

I am glad to say, after two 15 minutes or so rounds of EFT tapping for grief of the loss of a loved one, my husband and I felt much calmer and more relaxed. We were finally able to process and let go of the endless cycle of emotional turmoil we felt about our role in Chloe’s death, her illness, and our helplessness of being unable to make her well and the overall hopelessness of the situation.

EFT was our saving grace and can be yours too.